Welcome to Workshop of Digital Innovation for Surgery Planning, Simulation and Treatment

The digital innovation in surgery presents a trend of precise, minimally invasive, and personalized features. This workshop aims to address the challenges by gathering, training and connecting the Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from different disciplines for better understanding of the complexity and contexts related to surgery technology and working together to develop impactful research projects, facilitated through the training from mentors and new joint research. The workshop will provide an excellent platform for both UK and Chinese ECRs to expand their research and stimulate collaboration on research and development, technology transfer and commercialization between UK and China.

Under the Researcher Links scheme (offered within the Newton Fund), Beihang University will be holding the workshop on the above theme in Liaoning Hotel Beijing on 16-18 October 2019. The workshop is being coordinated by Dr. Xiaosong Yang and Prof. Junjun Pan, and will have contributions from other leading researchers. We are now inviting ECRs from the UK or China to apply to attend this workshop. All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Newton Fund Researcher Links programme. The application form, with more details on the initiative, is attached and should be sent to xyang@bournemouth.ac.uk by an email titled “Researcher Links Workshop” before the deadline of 15 July 2019.

Workshop Mentors

Prof. Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena

Professor of Medical Robotics, Head of the Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London.

Prof. Rob Middleton

Director of BUORI, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Royal Bournemouth Hospital), Director of Trauma at Poole Hospital.

Prof. Qinping Zhao

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) , Director of the China Simulation Society, State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University.

Prof. Jie Tian

Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Workshop Coordinators

Dr Xiaosong Yang

Associate Professor at the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University.

Dr Junjun Pan

Associate Professor. State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University.
Research Links Application Form

English Applicant Chinese Applicant


This work was supported by Newton Fund Researcher Links grant, workshop ID [2018-RLWK10-10256], under the UK–China Research and Innovation Partnership . The grant is funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and National Natural Science Foundation of China and delivered by the British Council. For further information, please visit www.newtonfund.ac.uk.


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